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Parliament Walk

The situation in Parliament has taken another dramatic turn as some MPs drift away from the Chamber, a little after the second vote recommenced.
Sources in Parliament say no decision or the next curse of action has been announced.
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rnIt is understood that some MPs still remain within the Chambers. rn

rnThe second round vote recommenced in Parliament late into the afternoon, after temporarily being help up by Alliance MPs in protest to UNP members revealing their vote to party frontliners.rn

rnSources in Parliament earlier reported that the second vote had come to a standstill as Alliance MPs staged a sit in, in the centres of the Parliament Chamber in protest to UNP members revealing their vote.rn

rnSources say, the UNP MPs action was to reassure Party leaders of their support to their candidate for Speaker. rn

rnSources say at one point one Alliance MP was on top of the Ballot Box to halt the voting.rn

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