Paski Returns

ldblquote Mr. Paskerlingum and current advisor to Prime Minister, Mr. K Wijedasa are expected to join Policy Ministry as consultants to streamline the reform process
dblquote , source said.

rnrnldblquote Mr Paskerlingum
quote s wide experience in working through the bureaucracy to serve the needs of the investor community, is expected to come handy in the reform process
dblquote , he said.

rnrnIn addition, a pool of top private sector professionals drawn from all sectors of the economy would be brought in, to advise the government policymakers on specific mechanisms to liberate closed sectors like petroleum.

rnrnPaskerlingum rose to fame as the blue-eyed boy of the Sri Lankan bureaucracy, following the pivotal role he played in 200-garment factory programme in the President Premadasa
quote s regime.

rnrnHe was credited with streamlining the bureaucratic processes in various government agencies that provide services to investor community and making officials accountable for administrative bottlenecks.

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