Passengers face delays, extra checks at Asian airports

HONG KONG, Aug 11, 2006 (AFP) – Passengers at Asian airports faced delays and were stopped from taking electronics and liquids on board US-bound flights Friday as security was stepped up after British police foiled an alleged plot to blow up planes over the Atlantic Ocean.

Additional dog squads and bomb disposal and detection teams were called in at airports from India to Singapore, while check-in and carry-on luggage was subjected to closer scrutiny, particularly on flights to Britain and the US.

Following a request from the US Homeland Security department, many countries prohibited passengers flying to the US to carry any liquids such as beverages, shampoo, sunscreen, facial lotions, gels or toothpaste.

Passengers were allowed baby milk or juice if a baby or small child was travelling with them, as well as essential medicines.

At some airports electric and electronic equipment, including mobile phones and cameras, had to be checked in on certain routes.

Some 24 people were arrested in Britain on Thursday over the alleged plot to smuggle in hand luggage liquid explosives and electronic devices that could contain a detonator onto planes for assembly on board.

The alleged plot bore striking similarities to one hatched by Al-Qaeda in the Phil

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