Password Protected

Do you have the four-digit PIN code for your ATM or the password to your mail account? Do your know who else has it? Hackers and freely available password hacking software are giving away passwords and all the secrets seemingly locked away safely by the alphanumeric code we call passwords.
Venkateh Swaminathan is in Colombo today to introduce a new online security solution to the local market. He inserts a smart card into the first card slot in his laptop and places a finger on the biometric verification device inserted in the second card slot just above the first.rn

rnSoftware running in his laptop authenticates the smart card with the figure print he just made to verify his physical presence and gives him access to the contents in the machine. rn

rnThe combination of the card and his physical presence to provide a fingerprint prevents unauthorized access of his laptop, NOT a password. rn

rnVenkateh, working out of India as Regional Manager for US based RSA Security B.V., says password pr

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