Personal Investment

Sept 15, 2010 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s NDB Aviva Wealth Management, a unit of Sri Lanka’s NDB Bank and UK’s Aviva has launched four mutual funds that can be easily customized to suit the investment needs of individual savers, officials said. The mutual funds could also be backed by bank fixed deposits from NDB Bank or insurance.

“Our product offering will not be only bank, or only insurance or mutual funds,” he said. “Depending on client needs we will offer them a combined solution based on all these products.”

Clients can discuss their cashflows and their investment needs such as a future wedding, a birth of a child, children’s education and structure their investments to mature accordingly by taking into account the amount of risk they can take.

Savers could also go the firm’s website and by answering a series of structured questions devise an investment plan with particular weights of different funds.

Samarasekera says permission has been sought from regulators to sell the products abroad especially the gilt edged funds, as there is interest overseas for such instruments and Sri Lanka’s still has higher interest rates than most other countries.

“We have made the process easy and fun,” chief ex

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