PetDoc wins gold and silver at NBQSA National ICT Awards

PetDoc, the trailblazer in pet health services in Sri Lanka, is thrilled to announce its recent achievements at the NBQSA National ICT Awards 2023. Recognizing PetDoc's unwavering commitment to excellence, the prestigious Gold Award in the Health and Well-being category and the Silver Award in the Best Startup category have been bestowed upon the organization.

In addition to these honors, PetDoc received a Merit Award for outstanding veterinary care at the Asia Smart App Awards 2022/23 in Hong Kong. Notably, PetDoc has also been nominated for the APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Alliance) Awards, marking a significant milestone as the first- ever Sri Lankan Pet Care services mobile app representing the country.

Established in 2022 amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, PetDoc swiftly emerged as a market leader, providing a comprehensive suite of services such as pet boarding, grooming, sitting, training, pet store, and online consultations with licensed veterinarians.

All these services are seamlessly accessible through PetDoc's user-friendly downloadable application.

Inspired by the personal experience of losing their beloved family pet dogs, Tippler & Julie, the PetDoc app is dedicated to offering top-notch care for pets through vet-channeling (V-Channeling) and online consultations. The app aims to provide easy access to expert guidance, medication delivery, and other essential pet care services, ensuring your pet's well-being is just
a click away.

Themiya Gaminitilaka and Lakshan Kulatilleke, Co-Founders of PetDoc, along with the consultation of Dr. Gayana Fernando, expressed their thoughts on the app's inception, progress, and the growing network connected to the app, stating, "Our journey began with a commitment to redefine pet care, ensuring it is both guaranteed and convenient. The PetDoc app serves as a bridge connecting pet owners to a network of veterinary clinics and services, challenging the status quo with the latest technology. We are proud to have a team that shares this vision, and together, we are setting new standards in the pet care industry."

Beyond vet channeling, PetDoc offers pet grooming, pet products, and more.

The organization's team of specialized veterinary doctors guarantees expert care for various pets, including special animals and those with specific needs such as skin, eyes, renal care, etc.

Speaking about their collaborations with Browns Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, other service providers and future plans, they stated, "We are excited about our partnerships as they will revolutionize the pet healthcare industry in Sri Lanka. These collaborations allows us to improve

our service standard and widen our offering of resources, including community services such as
managing blood donations, finding homes for lost pets, feeding stray cats and dogs, and
covering animal rescue."
To enhance accessibility, PetDoc offers language customization within the app, breaking down
language barriers and ensuring a personalized experience for users. Pet owners are encouraged
to download the to schedule virtual appointments, connect with experienced
veterinarians, and prioritize the well-being of their beloved pets, all from the comfort of their

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