PickMe reduces prices further on their km rate

PickMe says it will continue to be market leaders in prices in the taxi-hailing market with them further bringing down the charge per kilometre to Rs.68.

“The current slashing of petrol prices by CPC will be passed down to the passenger and we will continue to give value to the driver who works in the gig economy," says Jiffry Zulfer, CEO of PickMe.

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"The authorities have stipulated that the maximum price for tuk-tuks have a starting price of Rs. 100 followed by Rs. 80 from the second kilometre. We are able to stay well below the rates of the road tuk-tuks as our digital platform makes the system efficient as drivers don't have to be plying the roads in search of customers.

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PickMe’s driver network is continuing to expand. Last year alone the app-based mobility company registered over 40,000 new drivers. This year PickMe saw a double-digit growth in demand and the app is also becoming popular amongst tourists visiting the country.

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