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Pirate Peril

Feb 17, 2010 (LBO) – Software piracy by private sector companies in Sri Lanka is the main problem facing software developers, the Business Software Alliance (BSA), an industry body said. The organization, which represents the commercial software industry and its hardware partners, said in a statement it has taken legal action against companies using pirated software.

It is also trying to raise awareness on intellectual property rights (IPR) and software piracy in Sri Lanka with training for law enforcement officials..

œOne of the key issues that needs to be addressed in the protection of Intellectual Property Rights in the software industry is corporate end-user software piracy, said Shalini Ratwatte, consultant, Sri Lanka Committee, BSA.

This happens when a company uses unlicensed software or does not acquire sufficient licenses (known as ˜under-licensing’) and installs more copies than it is entitled to under the software license agreement.

œThis type of software piracy is the ˜main culprit’ among the other types in which software piracy takes place.

The BSA said that expanding the information technology industry in Sri Lanka requires effect

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