Police ban flag poles from World Cup

Feb 18, 2011 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s police has announced they will deal firmly with anyone sporting a flag pole at any of the world cup venues As far as the police is concerned, anyone with any musical instrument is a kill joy. They will be quickly banished from the games.

Even pens, pencils, and paper will be banned.

The police do not want any anti-government activist attracting the attention of international television cameras to get free publicity for any inconvenient truth.

Police is guaranteeing an “incident-free” World Cup which is also promising to be the most quiet event in the history of cricket. Indecent behaviour will not be tolerated, said Inspector-General Mahinda Balasuriya who appeals to spectators to maintain the decorum of the game of cricket.

Spectators will get a pat down search to make sure that no poles are hidden inside trousers. Ditto for laser pointers, mirrors and glass bottles.

In a series of measures to prevent any untoward incidents at the games, Balasuriya said no one will be allowed to carry any sharp, blunt or even a round object if it could be used to cause harm. Only flags of resp