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Political Talk

The UNF claims the JVP faction in the Freedom Alliance has rejected international aid agency assistance and is quoted saying it would also control imports. rnrn

rnThe claims came on Friday, as the UNF builds up more ammunition against its key competition in the upcoming April polls - the Freedom Alliance. rn

rnUNFs Dr. Karunasena Kodithuwakku asked what the JVPs lquote other sources of funding were outside international assistance and legitimate foreign investments.

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rnDr. Kodithuwakku was quoting JVP leader Somavansa Amarasinghes public address at Embilipitiya recently.

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rnApart from bilateral assistance, a large part of international aid was pledged through aid agencies like the World Bank. rn

rnDr. Kodithuwakku said that if the JVP was to shun international aid agencies, it would also repel the international donor community, depriving the country of much needed development aid.


rnThis also puts the US$ 4.5 billion already pledged by the international community at the 2003 June To

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