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Port City Colombo hosts networking session with Chairman of Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council


Port City Colombo (PCC) hosted a special business networking session with Lord Marland, Chairman of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment
Council (CWEIC), recently at the Port City Colombo Sales Gallery.

Acting as an excellent platform for PCC to present its upcoming investment prospects, this occasion showcased Lord Marland’s strong support for PCC’s investment promotion drive, through CWEIC, to attract potential investors from across the Commonwealth and beyond. State Minister of Investment
Promotion, Dilum S. Amunugama, was also present at the event, along with a host of other dignitaries representing state and business interests.

During his welcome address, Lord Marland commended Sri Lanka’s resilience, enterprising nature, hospitality, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Highlighting the current positive economic growth of 1.6%, he also expressed that Sri Lanka is ‘a nation on the move’, which is steadily pursuing the path of increased prosperity.

He underscored PCC’s significant progress in achieving key project milestones, including the marina promenade and other signature developments set to break ground in 2024 despite the past two challenging years, whilst extending support from CWEIC to position the project
as a top investment destination. ‘Port City Colombo will be a winner for those who participate in it,’ were his concluding remarks.

Further insightful remarks were also delivered by State Minister Amunugama, Niro Cooke - Group Director of the Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited, who accentuated the close friendship and
mandate of support that Lord Marland has always provided towards the nation of Sri Lanka, as well as Reyaz Mihular, Commission Member, Colombo Port City Economic Commission.

Among those present at PCC’s networking session with Lord Marland were representatives from Sri Lanka’s leading corporations, including John Keells Holdings PLC, SLASSCOM, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Sri Lanka, Deloitte Consulting, and other distinguished invitees.

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Steven Peacock, CEO
1 month ago

Green Globe supports Sri Lanka!

20 hours ago

Wow! it looks like Singapore. I was in Singapore in early 1972 when construction was taking place everywhere. It took a while to make it look like your glossy graphic. I believe the port City will take a long time to come fruition.

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