Potty Business

As a last ditch attempt to preserve dwindling water reserves, the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) rolls out a pilot project on Thu. to fix a meter on each City toilet.
A senior CMC official said that: ldblquote Given the huge wastage of treated, drinking quality water in Colombo city being used to flush toilets with,
dblquote it would impose a fixed Sanitation Tax of Rs. 150 on all houses getting piped water.rn

rnThe Water Board pumps in 63 mn gallons of water into Colombo City every day, but only 29 mn gallons are billed.rn

rnThe City has 85,000 connections, but only 30,000 consumers are sent water bills and the Water Board estimated that at least 20,000 water meters are defective.rn

rnThe latest Census data shows that although Sri Lankas Rs. 45 mn a year piped water system is funded through the public purse, only 30 percent of the country has access to pipe borne water. rn

rnA majority of that 30 percent with access to piped water, is concentrated in Colombo.rn

rnCMC officials say the new