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March 23, 2007 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s power utility has got all its troublesome thermal generators on line a top official said, in a week that saw the highest energy generated in a single day as Sri Lankans watched their cricket team thrash Bangladesh. The flow is needed to keep sea water out of the intake point where Colombo’s drinking water supply is drawn out.

Updated “But now all our thermals are operating,” Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) General Manager D R Pullaperuma told LBO.

The utility recorded the highest energy generated in a single day at 28.7 million units (GigaWatthours) in the 24 hours ending March 21 as Sri Lankans were glued to their television sets watching their team thrash Bangladesh to a comfortable win.

“We normally need about 28.5 million units a day,” Pullaperuma said.

“It did go up but we are coping with the situation.”

The CEB had asked viewers to keep minimum lighting as they watch World Cup cricket matches into the wee hours of the night.

The CEB runs a mix of hydro and thermal generators with a target of about 20 million units to be generated from thermal to conserve its hydro storage.

CEB’s hydro storage is now at around 627 GWh or 49.9 percent of total, compared to about 950

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