Pramuka: The fate of depositors

The liquidation of Pramuka is bad tidings for Pramuka Shareholders.rnAnalysts expect Pramuka depositors to get about a third of their money back.rn
The fate of investors who put money in Pramukas commercial paper, the so-called Money Market Bills, and its unsecured subordinated debentures is even worse.rn

rnBehind the Pramuka collapse are the tragic tales of 15,000 depositors some of whom violated the basic investment principle, not putting all their goods in one basket and others who chased high returns without being fully aware that high yields also meant high risks.rn

rnBut for many who have invested in high interest paying unregulated finance companies and timber plantations, the Pramuka fiasco is a hard reminder to cut their exposures to levels they can manage. rn

rnDepositors rushed to Pramuka Bank on Friday demanding their money back.rnMost of the fire was directed to Central Bank for failure to take action earlier.rn

rnOthers wanted justice from the founders of the bank who had e