President orders IGP to identify VIP security vehicles


Dec 01, 2016 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena has ordered the Inspector General of Police to report back to him about those who use a convoy of back-up vehicles for their security.
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Speaking at the inaugural road safety week, President Sirisena said this task will officially commence from 1st January.
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Accordingly, Police will stop convoys of vehicles to identify who is actually using these escort vehicles. “I told the cabinet last week that I’m going to ask the IGP to report back to me about the people who use 6, 7 escort vehicles.” “I want to know who goes like this, are these VIPs or criminals like Choppe, Maru Sira, Wele Suda or Army Wimale?” “So I can personally talk to them and see what kind of sickness they have.” Ordinary citizens are also disappointed to see VIP security behave as if they were appointed by God in vehicles that whiz past. “They drive at high speeds without caring for speed limits, and they don’t care whether it's left or right.” “Even Police allow them thinking they are VVIPs or VIPs because they can’t identify who is inside.” It is time to reduce the security and implement discipline for officers comprising VIP security escorts. “There is no war, so no one in this country needs to go like that. Even cabinet ministers told me that one back-up vehicle is sufficient for them for security.”
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