President wants media to help preserve national identity and cultural values


Jun 24, 2020 (LBO) – President Gotabaya Rajapaksa highlighted the necessity of right media practice that helps preserving Sri Lankan identity and cultural values.

He made this comment during a progress review meeting with the Independent Television Network(ITN) at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday.

The changes that should be made to create a new television culture incorporated with the state of the art technology and the requirement of programs to improve knowledge were discussed at this meeting. Majority of the people accepted the National Policy Framework; ‘Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour’ presented during the Presidential election campaign. The President stated that he does not want media to promote his personal image. “What I expect is to take to the people, the vision enshrined in the policy framework, which my government is committed to execute” President added.

In addition, the President emphasized the necessity of establishing guidelines for the process of selecting foreign programs for telecast.

The current status and the future plans of the Independent Television Network(ITN) were evaluated during the discussion.

Chairman of the Independent Television Network (ITN), Sudath Rohana, Executive Director, Hasantha Hettiarachchi, Chief Executive, Nalin Kumara Nissanka, several other members of the Board of Directors and senior officials were present at the discussion.

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