Private Property

Nov 06, 2006 (LBO) – Sri Lanka Monday announced measures to charge a royalty fee on the commercial use of local artists™ creations and penalties for violators, in a bid to tighten the misuse of copyright laws. Mooted by the national Intellectual Property Office or NIPO and the Collective Societies of Sri Lanka, the law sets a fee structure on how artists such as lyricists, musicians and singers, should be paid, whenever their creations are used for a public performance.

Under the Intellectual Property Act 2003 of Sri Lanka, organizers of musical shows and electronic media institutions, will now have to get prior written permission from artists, NIPO Office said Monday.

Fee Structure

Annually 100 rupees per
song for broadcast on TV and 20 rupees for radio

Night clubs, karaoke
bars, restaurants and musical shows are charged 5,000 rupees per

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