Prized Writers

May 30, 2009 (LBO) РThe International Policy Network (IPN), a London based organization that offers an annual journalism award for writers that help promote a free society, is giving a separate award for online writers from this May. The awards are named after Fr̩d̩ric Bastiat, a 19th-century French philosopher and journalist started in 2002.

The main ‘Bastiat Prize for Journalism’ gives 10,000 US dollars for the first prize, 4,000 for the second and 1,000 US dollars for the third.

This year IPN is offering a new 3,000 dollar award for online journalists.

“Given the increasing cultural and political importance of new media, we felt that online journalism merits its own Bastiat Prize,” Julian Morris, executive director of IPN said in a statement.

Writers who contribute to blogs can also participate.

Last year the competition had attracted entries from 50 countries. The winner was Barton Hinkle, deputy op-ed editor and columnist for the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Second and th

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