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Hatton National Bank is expanding its treasury operations with plans to start a fund management unit on the cards.
Chairman, Chrishantha Cooray says the asset management company will be formed under aegis of HNB Securities Ltd.rn

rnHNB Securities currently handles the banks primary dealer operations. rn

rnldblquote We want to grow the fund management business slowly and not chase after the big pension funds,
dblquote Cooray said addressing well wishers at HNB Treasurys new office.rn

rnBeing the largest privately held commercial bank, HNBs treasury operations posted a mammoth 230 percent growth during the first six-months of this year.rn

rnUnder the leadership of Chief Dealer Dudeepa Ratwatte and Senior DGM Treasury Gamini Karunaratne, HNB Treasury made a Rs. 600 mn profit for the first six months.rn

rnHNB Securities made a Rs. 200 mn profit in addition to setting aside Rs. 60 mn by way of a risk reserve fund, to shield itself from market fluctuations, Cooray said.rn

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