Public Service

Though many government servants are looking to the budget for a salary increase analysts say any increase will be tied to a voluntary retirement scheme.rn

rnThe government has already gone public with voluntary retirement packages to state enterprises such as the Ports Authority, Ceylon Petroleum and Salu Sala.rn

rnMeanwhile the Treasury has already frozen employment in government departments.rn

rnThe Tissa Devendra salary commission, which began work during the previous administration, has recommended a hike in government employee salaries on condition that 30 per cent of the workers are sent home.rn

rnOfficials say the government may offer a VRS targeted at clerical and junior staff grades to trim government employee cadre.rn

rnThe public sector now employs about 11 million people, with central government (317,105), provincial councils (297,951) semi endash government institutions (235,281) and defence (approx, 300,000) each roughly accounting for a fourth of the total.rn

rnOfficials say a 1000

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