Qatar seeks Sri Lankas’ support for a critical WTO call

Sep 24, 2014 (LBO) – The State of Qatar asks Sri Lanka’s supports towards its request to the World Trade Organization to deem natural gas and its derivatives as environmentally-friendly products, a media released issued by Ministry of economy and commerce said. We also look forward to more of Sri Lankan private sector contribution in the promotion of trade and development.

He was addressing the opening session of the first Qatar–Sri Lanka Joint Economic Cooperation session held at Doha, last week (14th Sep).

According to the Department of Commerce of Sri Lanka, Qatar is Sri Lanka’s 33rd import partner and 65th export partner.

In 2013, bilateral trade between Sri Lanka and Qatar stood at 66 million dollars.

Sri Lanka exports nuts and other seeds, plantains, tea and fresh fruit to Qatar.

About 67 percent of imports from Qatar in 2013 were plastics, followed by fertiliser’s accounts for 27 percent and petroleum gases accounts for 4.4 percent.

This actually refers to the need for more efforts to enhance the trade and open more investment opportunities through the promotion and improvement of relations between our two sides and through the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Mohamed Al Thani said.

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