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Queen of the World Sri Lanka – Discovering the Unseen Power within Sri Lankan Women

Sri Lanka is gearing up to witness a remarkable celebration of the strong spirit and hidden potential of its women. The Queen of the World Pageant, scheduled to take place at the prestigious Nelum Pokuna Theatre on the 22nd of September 2023, aims to unleash the unseen power within Sri Lankan women and showcase their extraordinary talents. This exciting and inspiring event will be preceded by a thrilling Pageant Week of activities, commencing on the 17th of September and culminating in a grand finale on the 22nd.

Recognizing that Sri Lankan women are more than just the bearers of the three Cs—Culture, Cooking, and Caring—the Queen of the World Pageant serves as an awakening of their latent potential. The Pageant is proud to announce it has assembled a highly dynamic and motivated team of experts who are committed to making this event larger than life. The vision of this initiative extends beyond traditional pageantry, as the Queen of the World Sri Lanka aspires to empower its Queens to become ambassadors who will not only embrace the values and ideals of the Pageant but also be a resonant voice for women, in Sri Lanka and worldwide. 

With a population of over 22 million people in Sri Lanka, of which women constitute 52%, it is imperative that their voices and contributions are recognized and celebrated on a global platform. The Queen of the World Pageant Sri Lanka will comprise several rounds in the runup to the grand finale, allowing its Queens to showcase their diverse talents and deeply multifaceted personalities.

Queen of the World Sri Lanka will ultimately crown four namesake title holders, who will embody the epitome of a Sri Lankan woman. These amazing individuals will then represent Sri Lanka at the Queen of the World Pageant in the USA, which will see inspiring women from all over the world compete for the global title of Queen of the World. The 4 titles will be Miss Queen of the World Sri Lanka (18-29/unmarried), Ms. Queen of the World Sri Lanka (30+/unmarried), Mrs. Queen of the World Sri Lanka (18-55/married), and Elite Queen of the World Sri Lanka (55+/unmarried or married). 

Commenting, Nadeeka Seneviratne, Director at Queen of the World Sri Lanka and Founder/CEO at NS Beauty Globe (Private) Limited said, “Our Queens will not only captivate us with their physical beauty but also strive for the betterment of society. They will serve as role models, advocating for the rights and empowerment of women at all times. Our goal is to equip them with the necessary tools and values to win the global titles of Queen of the World, at the international pageant.”

Those exceptional women who are inspired by this incredible opportunity, can quickly and easily apply online to be a part of Queen of the World Sri Lanka, by visiting www.qotwsrilanka.com, and filling out the digital application form. Auditions will be held in July 2023, with 12 contestants being selected from each division, providing 48 remarkable individuals with an opportunity to compete.

The Queen of the World Pageant is a transformative event that celebrates the beauty, strength, and intelligence of women from diverse backgrounds. The Pageant aims to empower women to become influential voices and make a difference in their communities and beyond. Queen of the World is represented in Sri Lanka by Beauty Refined – a woman-owned production company – and the franchise holder in Sri Lanka. The pageant will be handled and coordinated by event management company, NS Beauty Globe (Private) Limited, an emerging event company that specializes in pageant handling. 

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