Rainy Day Funds

This is one of two pieces of legislation that are coming before parliament in the next few weeks, laying the groundwork for an eventual re-haul of the Termination of employment Act.

rnrnFemale overtime is a key feature of the Factory Ordinance amendment, which is to be extended to 60 hours a month, as against the previous 100 hours a year.

rnrnThe clause has come under severe fire in the past from various sections of the manufacturing community, who argue that the clause is not practically possible and is often violated in a bid to meet required volumes.

rn rnldblquote We faced a lot of pressure especially from garment exporters to amend the female overtime clause, bringing it in line with practice
dblquote , Minister Samarasinghe said.

rnrnldblquote There were concerns raised that buyers placed emphasis on their local manufacturers being compliant with local laws including those governing overtime. Hence the possibility of losing out on potential markets and buyers
dblquote , he added.