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“Rajapaksa government does not support PM Wickremesinghe,” Eran in Parliament


SJB Parliamentarian Eran Wickramaratne said that although Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had proposed that a female be elected unopposed to the vacant post of Deputy Speaker of Parliament, the Rajapaksas nominated a male and elected him as the deputy speaker opposing the PM’s proposal. By this act the Rajapaksas have made it clear at the outset that they will not support Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe as he desires.

In response to the Prime Minister's request for the support of all parties in Parliament, the Samagi Jana Balawewa had stated that it would support the people's friendly proposals brought by the government.

Addressing a media briefing at the Opposition Leader's Office in Colombo on Tuesday evening, Mr. Wickremaratne said that unfortunately, Rajapaksa faction appointed the person wanted by them in defiance of the Prime Minister's proposal, and this seems to be a warning to the Prime Minister that he could not manipulate this government as he wished.

the Prime Minister in his address to the nation, said that due to declining government revenue, rising government expenditure, the inability to find even a million dollars from foreign reserves, and the lack of money to import fuel and gas, the power cuts would have to be extended to 15 hours in the future. Although he described the consequences, he did not offer any solutions.

Mr. Wickramaratne said that in his address to the nation, the Prime Minister said the power cuts would have to be extended to 15 hours in the future due to declining government revenue, rising government spending, the inability to find even one million dollars from foreign reserves and the lack of money to import fuel and gas. Although PM described the consequences of pushing the country into the abyss by Rajapaksas, he has not come up with any solution.

The only response shown by the PM was to say that he would have to print money to pay the salaries of public servants this month. The Rajapaksa government's solution too was to print money. Accordingly, if the solution of Ranil Wickremesinghe government is also to print money, it is not possible to believe that the people will get any relief from this government as well. Mr. Wickremaratne said it was unfortunate that there was no solution or replies to the serious problems that had arisen in the country in the Prime Minister's address to the nation.

Referring to crises faced by the people the MP said that today, questions have been raised about the politics, economy of the country, as well as about violence. The Samagi Jana Balawewa completely condemns the violence unleashed on May 09. We condemn the loss of life and property as well as the damage to state property in Moratuwa. The government is responsible for this, and the government must take immediate action against violence. The government should also take immediate action against those responsible for inciting violence among those summoned to Temple Trees. But the Prime Minister's speech did not mention anything about law and order.

The main demand of the struggle against the government in the country is to fight corruption, fraud and theft through a system change. Despite the pressure of the people on the government to take action to get back the huge wealth accumulated through corruption by politicians and higher officials, the Prime Minister's failure to say anything about it raises a reasonable doubt about the sincerity of the government. The pressure on the government across the country from those agitators is to crack down on corrupt politicians and officials.

Although some politicians have posted banners on social media asking  to audit their income and expenditure, at present no one is allowed by law to publicise declared  assets and liabilities. If this government seeks to recover the stolen national wealth, it should enact laws to make the assets and liability declarations public and take immediate action to recover ill-gotten wealth.

I also call on the government to make the Bribery Commission Independence, by bringing the legislation which was framed in 2019 to curb bribery and corruption in the country. Also, bring in the same law that was being drafted in 2019 to recover domestic and foreign assets of criminals. Mr. Wickremaratne stated that if the anti-corruption laws that have been identified are introduced immediately, the country will be able to get the money it needs easily.

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