Telecom policymakers are re-considering the option to set up national points of interconnection, to fix the current impasse in reaching call termination agreement.rnrn
Setting up national points of interconnections will allow in-discriminatory access to all operators, including External Gateway Operators (EGO) to terminate calls locally.rn

rnThe third option is being brought back, as efforts to urge Sri Lanka Telecom to toe the line and get operators to agree on tariffs for transit operations, are slow to take off. rn

rnHowever, industry officials say the option requires the telecom regulator to set up infrastructure for common use and administrate its use. rn

rnWith Sri Lankas telco watchdog being fitted with new dentures to cope with current and future needs of the industry, officials say the option will take time implement. rn

rnMeanwhile, EGOs are still standing in line (since they were licensed in March) to sign interconnection agreements with network operators, particularly with SLT. rn

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