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Re-Planning Colombo

Over US$ 300mn in Foreign Direct Investment is expected by the end of the year, one of the highest inflows during recent years. The national investment promotion agency BOI says that the country is now attracting investments from all over the world with strong inflows from the Asian region.

Strategies to attract investments are also seeing some change with the Board of Investment and senior government ministers having one to one discussions with potential investors.rn

rnIn a wide-ranging interview the BOI Chairman Arjunna Mahendran told LBRs Shamindra Kulamannage that the structure of the organisation is also being changed to meet the challenges posed by the changing investment climate.rn

rnShamindra Kulamannage: Youve got a government-to-government agreement in the Colombo-Kandy highway. How is that going to work?rn

rnAM: The agreement is between the Ministry of Policy Development and the Ministry of Public works, Malaysia. There is a commitment from t

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