Registered Therapy

Aug 14, 2008 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s ministry of indigenous medicine and the tourist board plan to give formal training to employees of massage parlours and health centres to improve their image and standardize their services. Authorities have set up a centre where practioners would be trained and certified in massage as well as eastern beauty enhancement techniques.

The initiative will train practioners, health advisors and therapists employed in massage and medical therapy parlors in hotels, the authorities said in a statement.

The ministry of medicine is in the process of registering ayurveda centres offering massage services as the first step to standardize service and educate employees on medical therapy.

Therapists employed at parlours have not had any training and the ministry has commenced educational classes for them, Jayasiri Mendis, an advisor to the ministry of indigenous medicine, said in a statement.

Employees will be tested and trained on literacy skills by the hotel school at the tourist board along with hotel rules and etiquette.

Ayurvedic massage and other therapies have become popular among foreign visitors in recent years.