Rest In Peace

The government urban planning agency (UDA) is considering the full or part sale of over 40 Rest Houses under its ownership.
The urban development authority says it is looking for proven hotel chain managers to take an equity stake and manage the rest houses.rn

rnThe agency is keen to attract one or more top hotel chains to work in partnership with it. rn

rnUDA owns 42 rest houses most of which are currently managed by independent parties.rn

rnThe Ceylon Hotels Corporation has already expressed interest in taking over some of the properties scattered all over the island.rn

rnHowever, a final decision on the proposal has not been made. UDA officials say that clustering the Rest Houses and awarding management to more than one party is perhaps the most likely course of action.rn

rnPromoters, however, will be required to maintain the identity of the Rest House network as affordable places catering to middleclass travelers.rn

rnPrime state lands suitable for the hospitality industry are also bein