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Restoring Jaffna

rnSri Lanka quote s top trade chamber, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, has identified three priority areas for development by the private sector, on a commercial scale. rn

rnThese include low cost housing, repair and rehabilitation of road networks as well as construction and operation of up to three star level hotels and tourist facilities.rn

rnThe state is expected to facilitate the required Government guarantees against low cost foreign borrowings taken on a commercial basis, provided the funds are from credible sources.rn

rnIt is to also make available the required insurance covers for assets and personnel deployed in the projects, a statement said today.rn

rnThe Chamber of Commerce is driving through the accelerated efforts to get the ball rolling, aiding efforts to rehabilitate the war torn North and the East.rn

rnThe Chamber has left options open for any specific proposals or general recommendations on a facilitative support framework required. rn

rnIn a joint meeting by the trade chambe

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