Restoring normalcy in Sri Lanka north vital after shooting: NPC

Oct 25, 2016 (LBO) – Restoring normalcy in the north of Sri Lanka is of utmost importance after two students were shot dead at a police checkpoint, which triggered public protests, a civil society organization said.

“The importance of restoring normalcy to the North has become evident in the aftermath of the fatal shooting incident involving two university students,” the National Peace Council said in a statement.

“The students were shot by police when they failed to stop at a police check point in the early hours of the morning.”

President Maithripala Sirisena has ordered a police investigation into the incident, after it was initially reported as a traffic accident. Five police officials were arrested, but not before protest broke out in the peninsula.

“There are suspicions voiced in the North that this was a planned incident to deliberately create tensions which would justify a continued strong military presence.”

With the North and East of the country remaining militarized, such incidents are bound to be seen in ethnic terms and contribute to a “spiral of negative sentiment,” the organization added.

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