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Return Journey

Sept 29, 2012 (LBO) - Another group of 28 Sri Lankan boat people have opted to return, abandoning their quest to seek residence in the country, the Australian government said. Immigration restrictions, 'visas' and 'work permits emerged only in the last century with the rise of nationalism, fascism and socialism in Europe restricting the travel freedoms of humans.

The EU is now eliminating immigration restrictions. The ASEAN region has already lifted tourist visas for their citizens.

Australia said boat people return can be "reintegration support to assist with their sustainable return," through the International Organization for Migration with the package being "determined on a case-by-case basis depending on need and eligibility."

The people were flown from Christmas Islands where they are kept in 'immigration detention'.

"These individuals have chosen not to pursue asylum claims and therefore are no longer seeking to engage Australia’s protection obligations," Australia's minister for immigration and citizenship, Chris Bowen said in a statement.

"The majority of this group were in the post-13 August cohort and faced transfer to a regional processin

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