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Rupee dips further; domestic players dominate equity market

Forex Market

The USD/LKR TT buying and selling exchange rates on 8th April 2021 were marked at LKR.199.21 and LKR.203.5 respectively. The indicative USD spot exchange rate which depicts the average rate of all USD/LKR spot transactions that were executed throughout the previous business day in the local inter-bank foreign exchange market was recorded at LKR 200.01 on 8th April 2021.

Under the precious metals category, Gold prices were recorded at USD 1,735.29 per Troy Oz (LKR 347,090.93 per XAU) on 8th April 2021. This is a -0.1% decrement when compared to USD 1,736.84 per Troy Oz on 7th of April 2021. XAU - This is the standard code for one Troy ounce of gold

Share Market

The ASPI increased by 140 bps on 8th April to 7,412.42 while S&P SL20 closed at 3,002.71 with an increment of 162 bps compared to the previous business day. Total Equity turnover earned for the day was recorded as LKR 3.9 bn. 99% of the daily equity turnover was composed of domestic purchases while only a 1% accounted to foreign purchases. It was also observed that foreign sales was higher than foreign purchases by LKR 315.03 Mn during the day. There were 21,825 trades in the market and foreigners had carried out only 2.1% of the trades. Market capitalization of the day stood at c. LKR 3,238 bn indicating a MoM increase of 9.38%. Price-Earnings ratio, Price to book value and Dividend yield were marked at 15.21, 1.16 and 2.21 respectively.

Energy Sector

Total energy generated was 48.17 GWh and 40.7% of it was generated using thermal coal. Only a 21.4% of the required energy was generated via renewable sources (Hydro and wind).

Source: CBSL and CSE

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