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IBM says upto 80 per cent of IT related expenses were on maintenance and repairs after the initial purchase, leaving only a 20 per cent of spend on hardware and software.
However, IBM say PC manufactures pay not enough attention to repairs and maintenance when designing a new computer.
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rnA range of PCs that take this into consideration was launched by IBM in Sri Lanka on Thursday. rn

rnThe ThinkVantage range includes both desktops and notebook PCs carrying new hardware that promise to cut down on maintenance, repair, security risk and down time. rn

rnThe new range will also support wireless technology offering hassle free mobility between regular locations. rn

rnIBM officials here say that the ThinkVantage Technologies are at the heart of a new ldblquote Think dblquote strategy from IBM that points towards a future where PCs will be able to automatically diagnose and fix problems. dblquotern

rnSome of the key features supported in the ThinkVantage range include an embedded security system

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