Sail Lanka anchors sponsorship for Galle Literary festival 2024


The Galle Literary Festival, in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Tourism
Promotion Bureau (SLTPB), unveils its highly anticipated program for 2024, promising a diverse and engaging experience for literature enthusiasts.

The Festival, taking place from January 25 to 28, will feature over 180 talks, workshops, and events that embody a renewed commitment to
diversity and discussion.

In a significant show of support for both tourism and the arts, Sail Lanka, the leading name in marine tourism, proudly announces its sponsorship for the Galle Literary Festival 2024.

This strategic partnership highlights Sail Lanka's commitment to fostering cultural and artistic endeavours alongside its dedication to promoting tourism in Sri Lanka.

The Festival's program, carefully curated to celebrate a myriad of voices, spans various compelling topics, from history and faith to storytelling, the environment, and cultural identity.

Renowned speakers, including Booker Prize winners, esteemed journalists, noted poets, and celebrated fiction authors, will grace the event, creating an intellectual tapestry that promises to captivate audiences.

Sail Lanka's Managing Director, Mario Stubbs, expressed the company's enthusiasm for supporting the Galle Literary Festival and its broader commitment to the arts and tourism industry.

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In a statement, Stubbs shared, "Sail Lanka is proud to be a part of the Galle Literary Festival, celebrating the convergence of literature and maritime experiences. Our sponsorship reflects our belief in the power of cultural events to showcase the richness of Sri Lanka's artistic heritage and attract global attention to the country's vibrant cultural scene. From its inception to the periods of Dutch, Portuguese, and British colonization, Sri Lanka's cultural mélange has been shaped by these diverse forces, bringing forth a rich literary curriculum for the people of Sri Lanka. Acknowledging the profound impact of Sri Lanka's arts on a global scale, we draw attention to
key figures such as top architects like Geoffrey Bawa, renowned authors like Sir Arthur C Clarke, and esteemed artists like George Keyt. Their contributions underscore the deep cultural roots of Sri Lanka and add weight to our commitment to supporting the arts and culture through
initiatives like the Galle Literary Festival. This is not just about marine tourism but reflects our commitment to supporting the industry in general.

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We hope to be part of the Galle Literature Festival for the foreseeable future.
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As part of Sail Lanka's sponsorship, attendees will have the unique opportunity to join headliner Sebastian Faulks for Sunday lunch aboard Sail Lanka's 27-meter yacht, adding a touch of maritime elegance to the literary experience.

In addition to the intellectual offerings, the Festival promises a delightful blend of entertainment with interactive workshops, choral recitals, poetry readings, drama productions, and an exclusive Saturday-night stand-up set from rising Sri Lankan comedian, Vidura BR.

The Galle Literary Festival, having last been held in 2019, makes a triumphant return in 2024 with a renewed vision, and Sail Lanka is proud to be part of this cultural resurgence as a sponsor.

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