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Sale On Line

Sharhan Muhseen and Raja Senanayake

Targeted at both local and expatriate Sri Lankans, the online shop will host a range of merchandise including seasonal favourites like greeting cards, decorations, Christmas hampers, food and music. rn

rnHSBCs secure payment gateway has been signed to handle the online transactions and delivered through Federal Express. rn

rnDelivery to anywhere within Colombo will be at a flat Rs. 100.00, while outstation to as far as Jaffna will cost only Rs.

250.00. rn

rnEZ-Portals CEO Shiran Amunugama says ldblquote Sri Lankans finaly have the ability to shop safely for a variety of high quality products on-line and then relax endash since we take care of quality and delivery endash usually within 48 hours. dblquotern

rnNext in line will be eZ-Shipping, which the company expects to rollout in early 2003. rnrn
Celebrating the holiday season, eZportals set up shop on the internet, www.shop.lk as the solution for traffic congestion, crowded shopping centres and long queues at the check out counter in Sri La

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