Sampath Bank powers real-time online payments to Inland Revenue Department with LankaPay

Sampath Bank joined hands with LankaClear to become one of the first banks in the country to facilitate real-time online payments to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).

Sampath Bank customers will now be able to make payments to the Inland Revenue Department, 24 x 7 x 365, directly from their savings or current accounts using the Sampath Vishwa internet banking portal or the Sampath Vishwa app.

Powered by LankaClear’s LankaPay Online Payment Platform, the payments will be credited to the Inland Revenue Department’s bank account almost instantaneously, unlike cheque deposits and customers will receive a digital proof of payment as soon as they complete the transaction. These payment receipts can be viewed on Sampath Vishwa and downloaded as and when needed.

Moving away from the traditional, cumbersome process of having to draw cheques, visit the IRD, and wait in queues, customers can make these payments confidentially from the safety and convenience of their homes and offices on their own, without having to step out during the current global pandemic.

This also eliminates the possibility of sensitive tax related information being accessed by others, thereby protecting the customer’s privacy.

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