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Sampath Bank unveils its new “Vishwa” retail App

Sampath Bank, a leading innovator in Sri Lanka's banking industry,
proudly unveiled its revolutionary mobile application, Sampath Vishwa Retail.

This progressive launch marks a significant milestone within the internet banking landscape, promising unparalleled convenience and accessibility to customers.

Boasting a user base of over one million, representing nearly 25% of the bank's total clientele, Sampath Vishwa Retail stands as the epitome of online banking convenience.

The newly refreshed mobile application promises a seamless, secure, and intuitive banking experience, reaffirming Sampath Bank's commitment to driving innovation in the industry.

With a seamless interface and enhanced security features aligned with global standards, the revamped app sets a new benchmark in user experience. Designed for swift navigation, users can achieve desired outcomes with a few swipes and touches, a testament to Sampath Bank's dedication to customer-centric design.

In a bold move towards enhanced security and convenience, the app introduces biometric login capabilities, enabling users to access their accounts effortlessly through fingerprint or face ID authentication. With the app's advanced biometric security, transactions can be executed seamlessly even in international settings without reliance on roaming services to
receive message-based one-time passwords.

The introduction of a conversation-type messaging feature, like popular messaging apps, allows direct communication with relationship managers, streamlining ad-hoc requirements and service requests of the customer.

The app also focuses on other banking services such as fixed deposit closures and card requests, saving frequent payees, repeating a previous payment, and loan settlements.

Moreover, the app provides comprehensive account insights to further elevate the banking experience.

Drawing from the best practices of global banking, Sampath Bank's dedicated team, in collaboration with development partners, has crafted an application that not only elevates user experience but also guarantees utmost security for all transactions.

With this launch, Sampath Bank solidifies its role as the pioneer of the internet banking evolution in Sri Lanka.

Existing Sampath Vishwa Retail users can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and experience the future of banking.

Additionally, the app will soon be available on Harmony OS, further expanding accessibility for users across diverse platforms.

As Sampath Bank celebrates a quarter-century of pioneering internet banking in Sri Lanka, this milestone marks just the beginning of a journey towards digital evolution.

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