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Sea Bandits

HONG KONG, November 20, 2008 (AFP) - A Hong Kong-flagged ship captained by a Sri Lankan that was hijacked two months ago off the coast of Somalia is returning home after its owner paid a ransom to a group of pirates, AFP was told Thursday. A spokeswoman for Sinotrans Shipping said its vessel Great Creation had left the Gulf of Aden Thursday afternoon after it was released by a group of Somali pirates late Wednesday.
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"A ransom was paid. The vessel has left the Somali area safely and is in international waters heading back Hong Kong," she told AFP.

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"No one was hurt," she added.

The crew, which had been held hostage since September, consists of a Sri Lankan captain, a technical officer from Hong Kong and 23 mainland Chinese sailors.

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The vessel is carrying a large quantity of chemical fertilisers, the spokeswoman said.

Meanwhile, a Hong Kong-registered cargo ship hijacked on Tuesday by pirates off the coast of Yemen is still being held, said a spokeswoman for the Hong Kong government.

"Our government is very concerned about the incident.
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The Marine Department is liaising closely with the owner of the ship and monitoring the development," she told AFP.
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The cargo ship Delight, carrying 25 crew members

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