Setting Sail

Colombo Dockyards heeding to the call of peace is setting sail in search of new business, looking at more challenging assignments.
The company is already in the running to service off shore oilrigs and manufacture speedboats for overseas clients. rn

rnCompany officials say, the halt in the 19-year ethnic conflict has given them the opportunity to venture out of their leaguer and expand their services portfolio. rn

rnThe company is also drawing plans to sail into the lucrative leisure craft market. However, the high capital deployment required for such assignments has the company studying low cost alternatives. rn

rnMeanwhile, officials add that the companys ship repair facilities were functioning at near capacity with the present level of productivity. rn

rnA series of programmes are being rolled out to improve productivity and turnaround time, enabling the dockyard to handle more assignments. rn

rnOne such initiative was completed yesterday when it recognised 30 supervisors and foremen repr

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