Seylan Bank enters Strategic Partnership with National Chamber of Exporters to Empower Sri Lanka’s Export Sector

Seylan Bank took a key step towards empowering Sri Lanka's export sector by forging a strategic partnership with the National Chamber of Exporters. This collaborative effort aims to drive the nation's local products into the global market while providing comprehensive financial solutions and support to both seasoned exporters and ambitious entrepreneurs through the innovative Export Expert service.

Ramesh Jayasekara, Director/Chief Executive Officer of Seylan Bank and Shiham Marikar, Secretary General/CEO of the NCE signed the agreement which cemented this commitment, amidst the presence of other representatives from both entities.

With this strategic alliance, Seylan Bank and the National Chamber of Exporters are committed to fueling the growth of Sri Lanka's export market, enhancing economic prosperity, and driving the nation towards greater financial literacy. The collaboration will bolster the country's export ecosystem, providing valuable mentorship, guidance, and acting as a vital financial intermediary for exporters across industries.

The Export Expert service, recently launched by Seylan Bank, is a game-changing financial solution tailored to cater to the unique needs of established exporters and entrepreneurs seeking to make their mark on the global stage. By teaming up with the National Chamber of Exporters, Seylan Bank is taking a significant stride towards bridging the gap between local talent and international markets.

The National Chamber of Exporters, as the premier body representing the interests of Sri Lanka's exporters, brings invaluable industry insights, connections, and expertise to this alliance.

Together with Seylan Bank's financial acumen and ongoing commitment to enable, guide and support exporters, this partnership is poised to unlock new opportunities and drive sustainable growth within the export sector.

As Seylan Bank and the National Chamber of Exporters join forces, the Export Expert service is expected to create a positive impact on Sri Lanka's economy by fostering a culture of entrepreneurship, international trade, and financial prosperity.

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