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Seylan launches 1st digitally assisted customer support channels via WhatsApp and Facebook 


June 2016 Colombo: Reinforcing its credentials as a technology-savvy bank focusing on increasing customer convenience and engagement, Seylan Bank demonstrated its customer centric digital preparedness by launching Sri Lanka’s first social media-based customer support channels via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Pre-empting how technology will redefine its relationship with its customers, Seylan Bank’s digital thrust has helped leverage the most popular social media chatapps - WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger - which are mobile-friendly, convenient and seamless. This new personalized service facilitates ‘interactions and conversations with the bank on the go’ on smart phones and handheld devices. As more and more services shift into the digital realm, Seylan Bank offers customers the option to seek general information about the bank’s products and services and have inquiries answered at their fingertips, in real-time, for the first time ever in Sri Lanka. As the fastest-growing social and messaging apps, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger are used commonly by customers and now the bank empowers them to use these mediums to proactively reach out and engage with the bank. Mr. Tilan Wijeyesekera, Deputy General Manager - Marketing and Personal Banking at Seylan Bank, commented, “In a rapidly changing consumer lifestyle landscape we continuously strive to proactively understand our customers future needs and customize our products and services accordingly. The launch of WhatsApp and Facebook messenger customer services is a result of the bank’s vision to evolve in the social media landscape and leverage on these popular chat apps to provide convenience and ease of use to our digitally savvy customers which is a rapidly growing segment in the country. These social channels provide real-time, prompt and personalized access to information about the bank’s products and services. The user-friendly mobile platform can be navigated with ease and will deliver convenience to our customers on their smartphones and tabs.” Further, Mr. Dinesh Jebamani, Chief Manager – Liability Products and New Age Media at Seylan Bank, stated: “At Seylan Bank, we have always been  engaged with our customers on social media. We aim to provide unique services that create engagement and enable real-time responses by simplifying customer communication methods by offering relevant services in an innovative manner. The world’s top 4 messaging apps have over 3 billion active users and customer communication behavior has evolved due to same. Our internal teams along with our collaborative partners are geared to connect / respond/engage in a timely manner through these channels since customers expect instant responses.” These digitally assisted customer services empower Seylan Bank’s existing and prospective customers to learn about interest rates, exchange rates, and access information about other general products and services which are non-sensitive in nature, by simply initiating  a chat conversation via 077 200 88 88 through WhatsApp. This service is available 365 days from 7 am to 10 pm. Customers can also access Facebook messenger via www.facebook.com/SeylanBank to obtain the above information. This service is available during the bank’s working days from 9 am to 5 pm. The bank’s other supportive channels include LiveChat via the bank’s website, Twitter and LinkedIn. Globally, very few banks have adopted the use of social networks and Seylan Bank is proud to be one of the few in the world to utilize these channels to deliver exceptional customer support service. Pioneering these digital services in the country’s banking sector, will strengthen our customer relationships as well as Seylan Bank’s brand equity. Having recently completed its 28th anniversary, Seylan Bank is on an aggressive growth drive, expanding branches and garnering a greater mindshare across the country, with a special emphasis on developing its digital capabilities. As one of the leading banks in the country, Seylan Bank is a pioneer in providing innovative financial solutions and has consolidated its position as the leading Bank on Social Media.  
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