Seylan Sirinivasa makes owning a house a reality


Seylan Bank, one of the nation’s leading private banks, is now offering fast, convenient home
loans under ‘Seylan Sirinivasa’, to customers in a hassle free manner to fulfill their aspiration of
owning a dream house, Land and apartment.

Obtaining a housing loan is a difficult task for everyone with the hassle of finding the right
package, correct documentation, and proper advice. But with Seylan Sirinivasa, the bank has
streamlined its processes with experienced credit staff and efficient documentation procedures
to provide enhanced home loans at competitive fixed interest rates.

Seylan’s Sirinivasa, offers businessmen, Salaried employees, and other professionals the
opportunity to either buy or renovate a property, expand an existing home, buy land, purchase
a condominium or even settle existing high interest housing loans. Additionally, it can also be
utilized to upgrade a home with modern furniture, facilities and fittings.

Commenting on this service, Tilan Wijeyesekera, Deputy General Manager Retail Banking at
Seylan Bank Plc said, “Owning a house is a dream for everyone and with Seylan Sirinivasa, these
dreams can become a reality.” “By providing the best tailor-made home loans to fulfill their
aspirations, this further eases the burden of a customer. Understanding the need of the market,
we have enhanced our service operations to provide fast and convenient housing loans with
ample benefits.”

Tilan further added that “With this service proposition, the Bank will enable its
customers to feel that owning a house is not a difficult task with Seylan Bank. Additionally, we
have aligned our services to provide support from the beginning to the end, thus making sure
customers are satisfied whilst pursuing their dream of owning a house. Seylan Bank is focused on
becoming the best banking partner by providing unparalleled banking experiences to customers
and with this service offering we want to establish that Seylan Sirinivasa is not merely a loan but
a relief to its customers.”

A ‘Seylan Sirinivasa’ loan can range from rupees five hundred thousand to one hundred million
(Rs. 500,000 – Rs.100, 000,000) by submitting minimum documentation. Customers can also
choose repayment plans stretching up to 25 years, depending on their repayment capacity and

For more details customers can now visit the nearest Seylan Bank branch, call the Seylan Bank
hotline on 011 200 8888 or log into and download the application and the
checklist to obtain additional information about Seylan Sirinivasa and other products and

(Press Release)