Shaking Up Telecom

The agreement will govern how much one operator will pay another for terminating a call in that network.
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rnldblquote Those are the terms and conditions that determine on what terms do we operators interconnect, dblquote explains Suntel CEO Hugo Cederschiold.rn

rnldblquote On what charges or fees do we pay each other; what are the call quality configurations; payment terms; call configurations.rn

rnldblquote That is the life blood of our business. dblquotern

rnThe present interconnection agreement is a comparatively simple one.rn

rnTelecom sector analysts say it mostly benefits the government majority owned Sri Lanka Telecom or SLT. rn

rnMobile operators pay SLT to terminate their calls in the telecom network. SLT doesn quote t pay the mobile operators when its calls are terminated in its network.

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Analysts say that the largest fixed line operator also pays comparatively little to the Wireless local lop operators Suntel and Lanka Bell.


rnSri Lanka Telecom also operates the only internationa

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