Sharpening Skills

The Asian Development Bank is helping Sri Lanka to reduce the mismatch between worker skills and labour market demands, through a US$ 600,000 technical assistance (TA) grant to prepare a human resources investment project.
The grant is from the Japan Special Fund, financed by the Government of Japan.rn

rnThe TA will study the technical education and vocational training (TEVT) system, looking at the relevance of programmes and develop a national policy and action plan. It will also draw up an investment project to address key systemic problems and spearhead reforms.rn

rnThe Government operates more than 1,000 TEVT training centers offering courses that tend to be traditional, inflexible, and narrow. The result is a high dropout rate among students.rn

rn”ADB has been working through a Skills Development Project approved in 1999 to improve the quality and relevance of skills training programs in Sri Lanka,” says Jeoung-Keun Lee, ADB Principal Education Specialist.rn

rn”Although progress has been m