Shipping Talks

Aug 14, 2009 (LBO) – Sri Lankan shippers said they hope a meeting of Asian shippers in Colombo would strengthen efforts to combat anti-competitive practices of shipping lines and called for government reforms to prevent unfair trade. Randolph Perera, chairman of the Sri Lanka Shippers’ Council (SLSC), said the Asian Shippers’ Council will campaign for eliminating anti-competitive trade practices and promoting fair trade and transparency in the shipping industry.

The fifth Asian Shippers’ Council (ASC) annual meeting taking place in Colombo during August 13-14 will launch a platform for Asian shippers to work more closely among themselves, he told the opening session Thursday.
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It would also press for government efforts to change regulations to eliminate trade barriers and anti-competitive pricing mechanisms, Perera said.

“We hope the government will study the recent reforms in Europe and their competition laws and implements similar reforms to prevent shipping lines using anti-competitive practices.”

He was referring to the removal of exemptions from anti-competition laws given to shipping lines that now prevent them from acting like cartels and collaborating in fixing freight rates.

Shippers have long compl

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