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Siddhalepa is named on LMDs most respected brand for year 2022

Siddhalepa, the pioneering Ayurvedic entity in Sri Lanka, was yet
again ranked last month in LMD's 19th Annual Most Respected Brands for the year 2022.

This prestigious acknowledgment marks the ninth time Siddhalepa has been recognized by LMD, reaffirming its unwavering commitment to excellence and its enduring 90-year dedication to improving the lives of people through Ayurveda.

Asoka Hettigoda, Chairman and Managing Director of Siddhalepa, expressed his gratitude, saying, "It is truly gratifying to be once again voted among LMD's Annual most respected entities in the country 2022.

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As the leading Hela Ayurveda Company in Sri Lanka, we have been nominated 9-times in the last two decades, and it is a testament to the company's performance and gives us much pride and joy. This is an achievement that speaks volumes about our company's 90-year-long relationship with the people of Sri Lanka, confirming the 'Wedamahaththaya in every home.”

Siddhalepa's recognition in LMD's Most Respected 2022 is particularly noteworthy, as it has been acknowledged in multiple categories, including Most Respected, Honesty, Vision, and CSR.

This esteemed acknowledgment is a testament to Siddhalepa's consistency in integrity, their service to the public and outlook in which they conduct as a company representing Sri Lanka.

In an era characterized by fierce competition and constant disruptions in the business landscape, true leaders emerge, guiding their organizations to new heights of success.

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Siddhalepa's continued recognition in LMD's Most Respected Brands demonstrates its ability to thrive and excel in challenging times.

LMD's Most Respected special edition ranks entities based on an an exclusive survey commissioned and conceptualized by LMD and conducted by NielsenIQ. Sri Lanka's Most Respected entities have faced numerous challenges, yet they have persevered and emerged stronger and more resilient, offering valuable lessons in adaptability, innovation, and strategic

The story of Siddhalepa traces back to Walpola, Imaduwa, a remote village in the Galle District of Sri Lanka. Dr. Victor Hettigoda, the visionary founder, gained insight into Ayurveda from his father, Hendrick de Silva Hettigoda. Driven by a passion for Ayurveda, he dedicated himself to
the family profession, eventually uncovering the secret formula of the ‘Siddhalepa’ wonder balm. With a vision of providing a ‘Vedamahathmaya (physician) in every home,’ Dr.

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Hettigoda embarked on a journey in the early 1970s, laying the foundation for what is now the successful
Hettigoda Group of Companies with a global distribution network.

Dr. Hettigoda's dedication earned him the title ‘Balm King’ by Asiaweek in 1989, and he received several prestigious accolades, including the coveted ‘Deshabandu’ award from the President of Sri Lanka, in recognition of his tireless contributions to the field of Ayurveda.

Siddhalepa continues to be a beacon of excellence thereafter expanding into its current group of companies comprising of hotels, spas, clinics and an ever-evolving range of products and services not only here at home but also in many other countries in far corners of the earth.

Thus, this accolade reaffirms Siddhalepa's high standards of quality and the impact Siddhalepa has on the daily lives of people. As it draws a century, the company is dedicated to further promoting the principles of Ayurveda and wellness through its range of products and services.

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