Silent Business

Top business leaders and civil society organizations were staying quiet despite political moves that have jeopardized the peace process and the economic recovery.
Analysts criticized business community and other civil society organizations for standing by while political and economic uncertainty mounted in the country.rn

rnCritics say businesses were trying to protect their narrow agendas as the country drifted towards uncertainty led by shortsighted politics.rn

rnThey warn unless important players in the national economy put pressure on party centered politicians, the country, seen as one of the brightest prospects in Asia, could soon be branded a lquote pariah State.rn

rnThe crisis sparked off as the LTTE presented to the government a set of counter proposals for an interim administrative structure for the Northeast.rn

rnCommentators say it was a convenient way to ride the wave of fluctuating political fortunes.rn

rnWhile the President was calling for a National Government her party was at