Singapore looks for defining new brand

SINGAPORE, Sept 21, (LBO) – The Singapore government is trying to come up with a single brand identity for the city state, but authorities may find the task a bit challenging to put a myriad of perceptions into one bag. Some of Singapore’s familiar icons now include Singapore Airlines, Changi Airport, Raffles Hotel and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

The government, will this month call for a consultant to come up with an umbrella brand, which can pull all these images to market the Lion city to the rest of the world, the Strait Times reported.

The consultant will be tasked with the job of examining the global marketing efforts of competitors such as Dubai, India, China, Hong Kong and Thailand and to study local and foreign perceptions of Singapore.

Its first problem, according to an informal straw poll by Straits Times in six countries China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Britain and the United States will be identifying what is unique about Singapore, not simply labeling it as uniquely Singaporean¬Ě and letting the rest of the world fill in the blanks.

In India, it has been found that people associate Singapore with luxurious living. Thus, real estate agents fill their minds with images of up