Sinopec pledges to fuel Sri Lanka as it commences operations


Sinopec announced its official entry into Sri Lanka's dynamic fuel retail market at the felicitation event for local distributors held on the 25 th of
September in Colombo.

This momentous occasion also marked the commencement of fuel supply to Sri Lanka's filling stations.

With the entry, Sinopec is committed to giving full play to its advantages, providing stable, sustained and high-quality oil products to the country, growing together with the distributors, and contributing significantly to the nation's economic development and energy stability.

Under the agreement inked between Sinopec and the Ministry of Power and Energy of Sri Lanka, Sinopec has secured a 20-year license to franchise 150 existing filling stations throughout Sri Lanka and invest in an additional 50 filling stations.

Sinopec will continue toenhance its ability to serve the whole process of local procurement, storage, distribution, and sales of oil products to empower the people of Sri Lanka for a better life.

Renowned as the world's largest fuel refining company, boasting an annual production capacity exceeding 250 million tons, Sinopec is poised to leverage its vast resources and global trade prowess to guarantee a consistent flow of top-tier fuel products through its channels, catering to
the needs of consumers.

This commitment to delivering a stable and high-quality fuel supply is
not only set to invigorate Sri Lanka's tourism sector but also bolster the development of other pillar industries.

Sinopec has commenced the systematic transition of franchise petrol stations with updated signage and a modernized service concept. The company will embark on a site transformation project as agreed with the dealers, upgrading facilities and equipment to improve the ambience
of Sri Lankan filling stations step by step, ensuring their safe and seamless operation.

Simultaneously, Sinopec will innovate its service concepts, introduce trilingual customer service, improve the service quality of filling stations, and optimize the service experience of consumers.

Underlining its philosophy of cooperative development, Sinopec is dedicated to nurturing dealer growth. Sinopec will introduce its mature management systems and innovative concepts, enabling dealers to enhance the efficiency of filling station operations and elevate on-site management standards, to suit local conditions.

The company is committed to providing comprehensive training for dealers' staff, empowering them with the skills and expertise needed
for professional operations and exceptional service delivery. Sinopec's goal is to foster a mutually rewarding journey of growth for both dealers and station staff.

Sinopec will introduce incentives opportunities in due course, and encourage distributors to explore cooperation opportunities and innovate routes for introducing the Sri Lankan specialty commodities globally.

Meanwhile, Sinopec will work closely with dealers to go deep into every
community, introduce convenience services into the filling station, thereby explore solutions that benefit a wider range of communities. With an unyielding commitment to excellence, Sinopec looks forward to shaping a brighter future for Sri Lanka's energy industry and the nation.

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