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The recent hike, effective from April 1 has put hotels into a separate category, at a rate of up to Rs. 10.90 per unit of electricity.

rnrnThis is over and above the previous net tariff rate of Rs. 5.44 a unit.

rnrnHotels have been classified under the industrial tariff category since 1994, providing hotels with the advantage of the lower tariff rate awarded to industries.

rnrnLast month quote s budget turned the classification around, throwing hotels into a separate tariff bracket with a twice as big tariff rate.

rnrnHotels now have to pay in three tariff categories of Rs. 10.70, Rs. 10.80 and Rs. 10.90 per unit of electricity based on usage.
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rnrnldblquote The situation is made worse since tourism hits a lull from end April as we move into the off-season that usually extends to October each year dblquote , said President Tourist Hotels Association, Kumar Mallimarachchi.

rnrnldblquote Occupancy levels in the bigger hotels could fall to about 30 to 40 percent, while the smaller resorts could hit a

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